Super secret Blankenberge (English version)

Super Secret Blankenberge (Englisch version)

Laura finds the diary of Belle in the Belle Epoque Centre. Belle was the twin sister of Laura’s grandma Fleur. One day Belle simply vanished. People always suspected that a man kidnapped her. Today, kids can join Laura to find the this seedy perpetrator ….


Super Secret is a scavenger hunt for kids between the age of 8 and 12.

This game combines 2 apps : Facebook Messenger and the Super Secret app.

Whilst using these apps, the kids will receive instructions for their quest and be able to investigate evidence.

Purpose of the game

Become a detective yourself and find out who has kidnapped Belle.

Laura will help you by using a chatbot in Facebook messenger and guiding the kids.

The game zone

Go to the Belle Epoque Centre in Blankenberge (Elisabethstraat 24).

The entire route is about 4 km long and can easily be done by foot. Every stop is close to one another.

The players

You can play the game with kids age 8 to 12, but the youngest might need a little help from time to time by the older ones to decode the hints.

The duration

The game takes about 1,5 to 2 hours. The duration depends a lot on how fast the kids are able to decode the hints and how fast you go from one place to another.

The devices

You can play the game on iPhone and Android phones or on tablets.

You need at least 1 device with mobile data connection (3G or 4G).

During the game, you will use about 10 MB data.

Please do load up your devices completely before starting because there is quite some energy consumed during the game.

Please beware that devices of over 2 years old don’t have the same battery capacity any more.

In that case, we advise you to bring an extra battery (Powerbank) with you.

You can play this game with 1 device, but is a lot more fun when using 2.

A. Using 1 device

Install 2 apps before starting : Facebook Messenger and Super Secret (from the company La Mosca).

Do you have messenger already installed? Great, just go to the free super secret app in the app store and download it.

You have to install the messenger app? Please check for extra info and advice.

When using 1 device, you will have to switch a lot between those apps.

B. Using 2 devices (strongly recommended)

Using 2 devices to play the game is a lot more practical, you don’t have to switch between apps all the time.

Device 1 : Messenger

Install Messenger on a phone with mobile data connection (3G or 4G) (see :

Keep this device for you as a parent or guide of the kids.

Other device(s) : Super Secret App

Install the super secret app on 1 or more other device(s). Give this to the kids.

Do you have phones or tablets with mobile data connection? (3G or 4G)? Great !

Activate the data connection and GPS receiver and install the app via the App Store or Google Play Store.

You don’t have devices with a mobile data connection?

No problem, you can easily connect them with your phone using a mobile hotspot. Check :

Install Super Secret and activate the GPS receiver.

Do try this at home

We advise you to meet Laura before playing the game.

  • Type in the browser of your phone or by searching supersecret in Messenger.
  • Say “hallo” (Dutch for hello) and the chatbot will ask you your game code. Your game code is free and can be obtained by going to
  •  After you installed the game code, you’ll receive once more all the instructions for this game.
  • This means you can already have a try out at home if you wish.
  • Press “STOP” if you’re finished and the entire game will be deleted.
  • On the day or moment you wish to start again, you say “hallo” again and you can start playing for real.
  • When trying out at home, please start the conversation in Messenger first and then proceed to the app.
  • Only after starting in Messenger, you can look at the game map for instance in the app.
  • Important : download at home the overview of the 10 suspects and print it. This is very handy when you’re on your way.